Secure Video Collaboration for the Telecom Industry

Telecom is undergoing a profound transformation. Disruptive forces and business consolidation are uprooting the traditional industry model. The strain of purpose-built competitors and a shrinking revenue pool can ultimately hinder your clients’ progress.

As a telecom professional, it’s your job to help telecommunications firms reimagine new operating models, simplify processes, reduce costs, and optimize capital expenditures. You also release tension points in their existing business, so clients can expand into alternative segments and cultivate new revenue streams.

You guide clients to embrace new strategies.

We provide the connectivity to help your clients act on them.

Meet Cordoniq

The enterprise secure video collaboration platform that offers ‘concierge’ custom open standards-based API integration for just about anything in your tech stack.

Learn how we can provide a single, seamless, custom-branded video collaboration solution that delivers a premium conferencing experience.

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Customized video collaboration features for the telecom industry

Take advantage of our concierge services, by integrating Cordoniq with the market’s most popular solutions in these telecom software categories:

  • Auto Dialer
  • Call Accounting
  • Call Center Infrastructure
  • Call Recording
  • Cloud Telephony
  • Communications PaaS
  • Complaint Management
  • Contact Center Operations
  • Conversation Intelligence
  • Customer Communications Management
  • Digital Customer Service
  • Live Chat
  • Mobile Telecommunications
  • Outbound Call Tracking
  • Proactive Notification
  • SMS Marketing
  • Social Customer Service
  • Telecom Management
  • Telecommunications Billing
  • Telecommunications IT
  • Telecommunications Research
  • UCaaS Platforms
  • Video Conferencing
  • VoIP
  • Wireless Expense Management
  • Wireless Telecommunications

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Let’s face it, every video collaboration solution claims they’re secure. But there’s security, and then there’s Fort Knox. We’re the latter.

Our solution is trusted by the Department of Defense, the Pentagon, Special Operations Forces, and the National Guard. So, you know when we say we provide U.S. military-grade security, we mean it.

While many “one size fits all” video conferencing products only utilize symmetric encryption, Cordoniq offers true end-to-end security, with the latest TLS standards on all platforms.

Learn about our true end-to-end security

Ever wonder where your video conference recordings, handouts, and shared documents are stored and if they’re really safe?

The world can be a scary place rife with security leaks, hackers, and cyber attacks. As a telecommunications professional, providing clients a safe online environment means everything. The last thing you want to do is put their data at risk.

With Cordoniq, you decide where the information from your video collaboration sessions is stored, whether it’s within your secure data centers, hybrid cloud, or with major cloud providers. This way your recordings, documents and files remain 100% confidential and safe. Best of all, you always know where your data is located.

Safeguard your privacy with our video collaboration platform

For a growing consultancy like yours, client relationships are sacred. That’s why you want to give them the most personalized and professional experience possible.

We’re here to help. With Cordoniq, you customize our video collaboration platform to reflect your company’s brand. Clients want to feel confident working with you. What better way to earn it, than to “own” your interface? Start by tailoring the solution with your logo, and color palette.

Then integrate the HR, practice management, productivity, sales, marketing, and accounting tools you’re already using, into a seamless and secure video collaboration package. This will enhance productivity and provide a cohesive meeting experience.

Custom brand your video collaboration solution

Cordoniq also provides interactive tools to foster an engaging and productive working environment with clients and team members.

  • Share screens and documents safely in over 70 different format types
  • Use Share Web Content to browse and interact with applications, independent from other conference attendees
  • Utilize breakout rooms to engage with clients and employees
  • Communicate with full chat support in over 70 languages
  • Enjoy HD quality video, noise and echo cancellation, and exportable chat
  • Integrate virtually any app with our dynamic seamless API integration
  • Utilize annotation and enhanced drawing tools in your whiteboarding sessions
  • Pre-populate virtual rooms with digital content specific to your meeting

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