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Cordoniq offers flexible solutions for both private or hybrid cloud hosting environments. We provide installable modules and containers that can be deployed in your existing data centers, hybrid cloud computing centers or major cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services™, Microsoft Azure®, or Google Cloud™.

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We offer a variety of customized services for clients who want to implement our solution in a private cloud environment, as well. You can choose to deploy our platform into your own private cloud or maintain a private cloud implementation while we manage and administer the backend.

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Take control of your content

With generic video conferencing solutions, your content is managed in a cloud outside your domain. This means you have no control over where your meeting content is stored. This can make your data vulnerable to hackers and individuals with unauthorized access. Even worse, you may be inadvertently providing a blueprint to your company’s proprietary information, without realizing you've given consent.

With Cordoniq’s video collaboration platform, you have control over both security and privacy and the entire deployment including the backend. This includes where your information is stored, who has access to it, how they’re accessing it, and how long this information is retained by the organization.

Benefit from our private cloud

By taking advantage of our private cloud management, your company gains substantial benefits including speed, efficiency, ease of access, scalability, and storage and service delivery.

With Cordoniq, you get true security; end-to-end encryption, with the latest TLS standards up to and including TLS 1.3 on all platforms. This means sensitive information such as trade secrets, R&D, financial data or your company’s “secret sauce”, and more won’t fall prey to malicious actors or be easily deciphered.

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